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PURENES Marine and Auto Cleaner (Orange)

Keeping your boat clean and looking good isn’t just a matter of appearance, it is also an important part of basic boat maintenance. Have you ever found yourself spending more time scrubbing and polishing your vessel than cruising or fishing? It’s not necessary to spend long, demanding hours to keep your boat shining like new. You simply must be equipped with the right product to regularly clean with.

Our 100% Eco-Friendly Solution is completely safe to use on the interior and exterior of your vessel.  You can trust our product will not cause any harm to lake and oceanic ecosystems.

Regular cleaning with our PURENES Marine Orange also increases your chances of avoiding any costly replacement fees.

PURENES Marine Orange is convenient, user-friendly and will most definitely exceed your expectations.


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Product Safety Information

Safe for use on: Ceramic, Chrome, Concrete, Corian, Formica, Granite (sealed and unsealed), Laminate Flooring, Marble (unsealed), Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Travertine

Safe for use with CAUTION (Test first on an inconspicuous spot): Acrylic, Fiberglass, Glass, Marble (sealed), Mirror, Plate Glass, Porcelain Coated Steel, Satin, Nickel, Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Wood (oil-based coatings)